In 1998, during a walk on St-Paul Street in Old Montreal, Cordo met Lysanne Pépin at her art studio called “pignon sur rue”. This encounter was decisive for the artist since she helped him develop a passion that was still unknown. However, it was only after the discovery of a Toulouse Lautrec artwork that the artist emerged.

Her artistic path can be defined throughout the years. Thus, after ten years of exploration, Cordo launches the fourth collection: “Elles”.



CORDO makes of the urban women his central theme. He portrays these women without any facial expression nor figure so women can recognize themselves into the pictures. Moreover, the varnish is thrown at the artwork in order to reminisce time’s fluidity. The overflow of varnish rolls on as if it was leaving the canvas. Also, the bar code on the left bottom of the painting reminds us of each woman’s uniqueness that no woman can be taken for granted.

CORDO makes them travel around the world with the nicest brands of wine on the planet.

Finally, focussing on gestures, the poses in high heels are filled with charm and authenticity so the woman can appreciate and recognize her value and femininity.


CORDO presents two new series, Vintage and Glam

Lounge chex Mme de Ponsardin 17h

Élégance sur bulles 19h06


  • Fondation Rock Guertin
  • La nuit de galeries
  • Fondation du CHUS juin
Fondation Rock Guertin

Fondation Rock Guertin

Restaurant Chez Auguste, Sherbrooke

Je participerai à une levée de fond au Restaurant Chez Auguste le 11 septembre prochain au profit de la Fondation Rock Guertin.

On vous attend en grand nombre!

La nuit de galeries

La nuit des galeries

Ville de Montéal

Je peindrai Live à cet événement. N'hésitez pas à venir me rencontrer ou me saluer, il me fera un grand plaisir de discuter avec vous!

Un rendez-vous à ne pas rater!

Fondation du CHUS juin

Tournoi de golf Cascades-IBM

Club de golf Venise de Magog

Le prestigieux tournoi de golf Cascades-IBM est une activité de financement de très grande envergure pour la Fondation du CHUS et se hisse dans la classe des grands événements golf au Québec.

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